ABA Home Therapy


What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a researched-based science in which the environment is often adapted to change your child’s performance. It is promoted by decades of research including recommendations from the U.S Surgeon General and American Academy of Pediatrics. All services are individually customized and updated frequently based on continuous data from our team of national certified board certified and licensed professionals.

We hire and have RBTs available to come into your home to support you and your child.

How Can ABA Home Therapy Help?

This service is provided by our nationally Board Certified Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs). Our staff works closely with our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) to ensure the goals that are reviewed and approved by the family are carried out to each child. Once an initial assessment and data are collected, services are provided to increase language, social skills, and daily living skills while reducing problematic behavior.

Social Skills

Social Skills delays can show up in a variety of different ways such as making friends, social perception, social awareness, non verbal communication, body language awareness, and so much more. Our ABA Home therapy services allow us to provide on the spot support for increasing skills in all these and other areas of social skills using our researched based curriculum that builds skills over time. 


Language development delays can show up in a variety of different ways such as a child not speaking, not speaking in full sentences, a child not understanding figurative phrases such as “who let the cat out of the bag”, and so much more. ABA Home therapy can assist in the development of language in coordination with the goals custom created for your child. All these goals are based upon research and evidence based curriculums.


This area of development can be so vast and includes areas such as toileting skills, eating skills, daily routines, sleeping skills, auditory sensitivity, and so much more. Within an ABA home therapy program, we break down each skill and specifically design it for your child’s needs. We can even work on increasing your child’s fluency or ability to complete these different types of skills. Our staff follow research based specialized programs for daily living skills that are specially designed for that skill and your child.

Problematic Behavior

Problematic behavior can take on many forms and the reason for it can seem mind boggling. We are here to help and create customized behavior intervention plans based upon your child’s needs while also working with you during its development, implementation, and throughout the course of services. Our RBT staff are highly trained in the techniques and interventions that are used within our programs and utilize our internet based data collection system in coordination with our BCBAs. This is reviewed at least weekly and done to ensure consistency and effectiveness are always being delivered to you and your child.

Daily Living Skills