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We offer a variety of Behavior Consulting services directly to schools that provide support and training for both the student and/or school staff in a flexible Tele delivery model. All of our services below are provided by BCBAs that are well versed and experienced in IDEA and applicable school requirements:​ Parents

We offer convenient & flexible Behavior Consulting services to students with special needs for a variety of needs typically at no costs to the family. These services are coordinated and can be integrated within your existing services. We encourage you to contact us today.
To find our more about services available to your child. You can also have a representative from contact us directly via email: 
Student Services
  • FBAs

  • BIPs

  • IEPs

  • Homebound Placement Services

  • Wrap Related Services

  • Staff Training Services

  • Short Term BCBA coverage

Legal Services
  • Mediation Services

  • Due Process Services

  • Settlement Contracted Direct Services

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Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) interested in working with our company can submit their resumes at

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