What causes Autism?

We still do not know what causes Autism, but leading research shows that it is genetically passed through the father. 


How do I know if my child has Autism?

Diagnostic testing is often provided by a clinical psychologist who specializes in this process. There are 3 categories that children exhibit who have Autism:

  1. Language Delays

  2. Social Delays

  3. Stereotypic & Repetitive behavior


My Child has been diagnosed with Autism, Now What?

Knowing that there are services and people who specialize in Autism is important to be aware of. Also, it's important to know that many other parents feel and go through the same process that you are facing. There is support and services out there for your child. We would welcome the chance to be part of your team as parents know their child best. 


What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the science of human behavior that typically addresses language development, social skills, daily living skills, and problematic behaviors. It systematically breaks down each skill and applies researched based principles to those skills using reinforcement and other techniques. 


Does my child need ABA?

Each child is different and their needs are different, so we always do an initial evaluation to determine if and what services are recommended. These recommendations are shared with you and we get approval from your insurance carrier or school if they are providing funding before services begin. 


Does Insurance Cover ABA Services?

Many insurance companies and plans cover ABA services. At ABA TeleHealth, we provide a full service experience in which we will check your coverage and let you know if there are any costs for you to access services. We are in network and accept a wide variety of insurance funding options as well as school funding.


When can we get services?

Enrollment is ongoing, so you can begin services at any time of the year. Services are available up to 5 days per week for ABA Therapy and 6 days a week including Saturdays for Behavior consulting which includes parent training. 


How long does it take to get services?

We strive to begin services for you as soon as possible. The first step is to check coverage and schedule the initial evaluation. Our dedicated enrollment coordinator can be reached at to find out more about our services and assist you throughout the process. 


Why are social skills so important?

Social skills are the backbone of being successful in the world. We use them all the time both at home and in the community, often without thinking about them as they come so naturally. However, they do not come naturally to those with Autism Spectrum Disorders. They have to be taught like math skills where they build upon each other and are generalized to many types of social situations. 

Why should I put my child in a social skills group?

You should NOT put your child into a social skills group, at least not at the beginning. Ask yourself this question: If my child struggles with one peer, why would I put them with 4-8 other kids at the same time? We pose this question to many professionals and parents who look to do social groups as research indicates children with autism should begin in a 1:1 setting with a professional highly trained and experienced in social skills. Then, move to a group setting of 1:2 ratio, so that they get to practice these skills with 1 familiar peer. As they build their social skills, then they move to a setting where they interact with new peers in this same 1:2 or 1:3 setting. Then, they are ready for a larger social group. 


Why is language development so important? 

Without language, we cannot communicate our wants and needs, which is the first type of language to develop in humans. We cannot develop social skills or thrive in environments such as school or at work without a highly developed language. Language development is an early step in development and is a foundational key part of an ABA program. 


What are daily Living Skills?

These are the skills that we have learned through our lifetime that helps us function and complete everyday tasks. Toileting, bathing, eating, going to sleep, cleaning, and so much more are examples of these skills. Like social skills for children with Autism, these may have to be developed and taught in the correct developmental order. 

Why are daily living skill so important?

Without these skills, we never fully develop independence or ability to function on our own without adult assistance. Although young children need assistance, it reduces over time and we become more and more responsible for these daily living skills in our daily lives.


What types of speciality programs do you offer?

Within our program we use a variety of specialized programs for common areas of concern such as toileting training, haircuts, sleeping, sensitivity to loud noises, and so much more.


What if my child has problematic behavior?

Problematic behaviors come in a variety of conditions, but should always be handled by a trained and experienced professional that also has experience with children similar with your child. We offer services for a variety of problematic behaviors and using the science of ABA can greatly reduce and/or eliminate these behaviors.


Why choose ABA TeleHealth?

At ABA TeleHealth, quality is our top priority. Each child and family makes up a part of our team and we take that responsibility very seriously. We provide services in 5 states with a professional multidisciplinary team of clinicians that have a variety of backgrounds and skills that together provide a high level and quality of services. Bringing flexibility and convenience to you on your schedule also allows you to receive services that might otherwise be unavailable. 

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