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ABA TeleHealth offers a variety of coverage and Direct Support options for your ABA business to ensure its continued success:

  • Coverage by BCBAs for short and long term absences such as maternity & FMLA leaves

  • Coverage by BCBAs for open & hard to fill positions

  • Coverage by BCBAs when clinicians are unexpectedly no longer part of your organization

ABA TeleHealth offers a variety of Indirect Support options for your ABA business to ensure its continued success:

  • Creating & Writing (Re)Evaluation Reports

  • Scoring Assessment and other measurements

  • Analyzing data and program information

  • Peer to Peer Review Support & Mentorship

Reports and information are reviewed and signed off by your clinicians via surrogate billing, freeing up hours of time that your clinicians can provide other billable services. Initial information is provided by you via our HIPAA secure file sharing and within 5 business days or less, the work is returned within a format that meets all BACB insurer and state legal requirements. ​

Best of all, you free up staff time while still producing income.

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Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) interested in working with our company can submit their resumes at

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