ABA Services


ABA Services

Providing therapy directly to your child from our nationally certified staff of Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) who specialize in the area(s) of need for your child. We can provide a blend of ABA therapy in the home with your child while receiving the support, training, information and even parent training from our Board Certified Behavior Analysts remotely.

Social Skills

Traditionally a difficult area for those on the Autism Spectrum, Social skills encompasses a vast variety of complex and advanced integrated abilities including language. On our team of nationally certified RBTs and/or BCBAs, we have several staff who specialize in this area. They offer these services convenient to your child after school or at more convenient times including Saturdays. We build these skills on a 1:1 basis first, then progress to a 1:2 with a similar peer,and then we gradually increase the group size.


Behavior Consulting

This service can be provided individually with your child directly from our BCBAs or possibly in combination with ABA Therapy services. It encompasses a variety of activities such as direct consulting for new goals, program changes, Behavior Plan creation, progress review, specialized programs, progress reporting, and other applicable ABA services.

Special Programs

Within our team of RBTs and BCBAs, we have staff who specialize in the following program areas, which can be quite difficult for many families:

  • Toilet Training

  • Eating Program

  • Sleeping

  • Auditory Sensitivity

  • Specialized Daily Living Skills


Parent Training ABA

Many parents find it difficult to receive Parent Training due to their schedules and/or the limited availability of most providers. At ABA TeleHealth, we can schedule sessions convenient to your schedule. We use a nationally recognized parent training system that builds upon concepts, techniques, topics and other customized related topics.

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