Provider Services - Remote Coverage

  • Maternity Leaves

  • FMLA Leaves

  • Clinicians leaving with little notice

  • Short term coverage for growth

  • Short term coverage for short duration cases

Billing Comparison Example:


You Bill


Minus employee costs and overhead

Profit - $15-30 

We Bill You


Minus no costs

Profit - $15

Missed Billing


Profit - $0 

  • Continued service to your patients and parents

  • Meeting the BACB ethical guidelines

  • Parent and customer satisfaction

  • Producing revenue versus loss of revenue

  • Less work for you and avoid strain on existing clinical staff

  • Continued RBT supervision


We have a variety of staff that includes BCBAs that are well experienced in a variety of ABA skills and experiences. Wether in home, clinic, or school we have the staff to help your provide coverage for your needs. Call us today to learn more about these services. 


*Please note that we complete a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that includes a non compete clause so that there is no concern of patient services change. We are here to work with you to ensure your continued success.

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